Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ms. De la Cruz's Bachelorette Party

 I wrote this blog last Sunday night when I got back from this party, pretend you are reading it then.

I just got home from Ms. De la Cruz’s Bachelorette Party. I was really apprehensive about going because I always feel like kind of a weird outsider, and I didn’t know what to wear or what time to show up, but I think I did okay on both fronts. I came roughly an hour and a half late (a safe bet here), and wore my purple wrap dress with the highest heels I own (also a fairly safe bet), I ended up sitting with some teachers from school and possibly making some friends with them. It was really fun. We played a few games which I think Ms. De la Cruz was horrified to play in front of her mother, one was writing 69 on the wall with a marker between your knees, another was asking Ms. De la Cruz questions which she had to answer blindfolded giving a number. The numbers were taped all over her body and she couldn’t see which one was which. It was pretty funny. I think she was reasonably embarrassed about it but I guess that is kind of the point of a bachelorette party. All of the guests had names which were from mildly to incredibly inappropriate, ranging from “Besos” to “Vagina”. I think those of you who don’t speak Spanish can probably figure those two out. Anyway, it was a really good time and I am really glad I went. 

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