Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trivia, Wedding Planning, and a Jewelry Party (This post was written 2/4 and never published)

Hey everybody,

So J.P. and I have been hitting the greater Calabasas trivia circuit pretty hard in the last few weeks, and it turns out that we are not too bad at trivia (we aren't too good either, but I don't see how that is relevant). In our most recent trivia game we won a pitcher of beer, which we were pretty excited about, for least incorrectly guessing the length of a balance beam. I would have phoned a friend (Lauren, obviously) if that were allowed but it isn't. We have also been playing Trivial Pursuit and a new game called BezzerWizzer at home to hone our skills. I'm not sure that it is really working, but they are fun either way. We spent all of last weekend circled around our dining room table with Becky and Mike playing those two games. It was awesome.

We realized after our first trivia game that we competed against each other in the 6th grade quiz bowl finals. Guess who won? That's right, I did! Oh wait, were you all thinking J.P? Well for once he did not beat me in trivia, and my team went to another school to compete in a quiz bowl tournament (where we were promptly beat out of the bracket, but again, I don't see how that's relevant).

In terms of wedding planning we are getting down to the detail section of it all which, shockingly, I am enjoying. I was pretty sure I would hate it, but I forgot that I love crafts, so the more of it I can do myself (and when I say myself I mean with J.P. and Becky) the more I will like it I think.

Also, my friend Sarah from the D.R. has started selling jewelry. Many of you may remember her from my post, "Guess who's pregnant?" (Sorry about that one, Mary Lou) She has a website with some good stuff, so check it out. She and her husband Sean moved back to the states when J.P. and I did because in January of last year they realized that Sarah was pregnant. That pregnancy resulted in a really cute baby named Sullivan, and they are living in northern Florida now. See Sullivan below:

What a cheap trick showing you a cute baby to get you to go to her website and buy jewelry.

Go to her website and buy jewelry. 

In case you missed all those hyperlinks above, her website it www.liasophia.com/sarahhadley 

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  1. Wait, was I on your quizbowl team? I remember going to some tournament and doing poorly...and playing Spoons with plastic knives.