Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to School

Today I woke up, had breakfast with my roommates, and went to school. There I worked on mapping out the curriculum for the year, which I will have to finish tomorrow. I also unpacked a few boxes full of things for my classroom which I will also finish tomorrow. I will try to remember to take pictures to show you all when it is all set up so you can see where I'm working. It is nice to go to work on days as hot as today because I have air-conditioning there that I don't have to pay for. I try to sit as close to it as possible and if at any point during the day I am cold I feel that the entire day has been an success. After school I waited around school to chat with the realtor who has been handling finding JP and apartment, but she got there and before I knew it I had been roped into being the translator for the afternoon. I spent the next two and a half hours debating about what changes to make to which apartments in order for the others to rent them. My apartment renting vocabulary is improving though. I have learned words like "set" as in "a set of dishes like these will come with this apartment". When I came home I lay down on my bed and stared at the ceiling for awhile in an effort to regain my strength and thought about how maybe drying some of my laundry on hangers in my closet was not the best idea after all as my room now smells distinctly of mildew. As for the clothes, I think I will have to rewash all of them, or burn them. JP came in and we decided to go buy some books because I have run out. We walked down Lincoln (that's right, I live on a street called Abraham Lincoln. In fact, the cross street in John F. Kennedy) to a store which is like part IKEA, part Borders Books, part Meijer, part Home Depot. Amazing, they literally have everything I could ever want. Anyway, I got some new books, two in English and one in Spanish (I was feeling ambitious), and we wandered back home. I fought the urge to buy ice cream because I had already eaten it twice today, and now here I am at home. It was somehow very tiring for such an uneventful day and I am going to go read my new books and stop writing to you all. Miss you!

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