Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Debbie Downer

So tomorrow is the orientation for the middle schoolers, so they are all coming to school and coming to class for the first time. I will finally get to see how big my students are going to be. I wish I were joking but I really don't know. They are staying from 8-12 and going to all of their classes and then leaving and coming back next Wednesday for the start of school. Needless to say today was kind of a hectic day. I felt like I was running in a million directions with a million small tasks and several larger ones that I could not possibly finish today. Luckily, between this Wednesday and next I will have some time to prepare those. This was compounded by the fact that I left an organized classroom yesterday with numbers on all of my desks and the desks in order, and came back today to a classroom without desks. That was resolved later in the day though when they were discovered to have been moved to another classroom for the purposes of high school orientation. 

Anyway, so I left school in a very crabby mood, not because of the desks, but because of the whirlwind day, and came home and moped around the house, carrying my storm cloud with me above my head. I read for awhile and then J.P. and I went for a really long walk around a part of the city where I haven't been before, which was exactly what I needed. I feel way less crabby now. Also, I found some things to do around the city, and decided that this would be the last day that I came home and just sat around after school, even if I'm tired. The good Lord wouldn't have created coffee if he wanted us to laze around our apartments' all afternoon. Tomorrow I think Melissa and I are going to go for a run and then I am going to go down to the Zona Colonial where apparently there are Happy Hours abound. Also I am going to sign up for dance classes. So, in summary, today I indulged Debbie Downer for hours and then killed her (hopefully). 

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  1. If this is as Debbie as you get, you're in good shape.