Sunday, August 9, 2009

Now this one actually is Sunday

I am exhausted from blogging so much. Actually, today was kind of tiring anyway. We got up early to catch the bus, made our way past the cows and mud puddles once again, and caught a public car (carro publico, isn't Spanish great?) back into the city. We found out that the bus we wanted didn't leave until 2 (this was 9:30 a.m.) so we decided to catch a different bus in another city. We got into a different carro publico and we driven to the other station. We paid a little more so that he would drive just us and we could make the bus. We would not have made it anyway, but the bus came a 1/2 hour later than we thought so we were there in plenty of time. This was a much nicer bus than the one we rode into the city on Friday, it was very big and air-conditioned. The one on Friday was very small and we were 5 in a 4 person seat. When we got off the bus in Santo Domingo we were assaulted by taxi drivers clamoring to overcharge us for our taxi fare, so we left the building and found someone outside who wanted to overcharge us, but had chosen not to enter the bus station. We didn't have the right change when we got to our apartment, so we played a little game where he pretended that he also didn't have change so we were going to have to pay more. This is my favorite taxi game. Eventually we went to the little corner store (colmado) and got change from them. 

When we got back I did some laundry, and it was the first time I had really felt like things were very different here from the U.S. We are lucky enough to have a small washer and dryer, but the dryer is so loud that if anyone if trying to sleep, work, or think in our apartments or any of those around it I don't think we can use it. It sounds kind of like if you filled your dryer in the U.S. with tennis balls and then let it run. After the wash I wrung the clothes out over the sink and then hung them on the clothes lines on the balcony. While I was doing this I was very careful to drench the floor with water dripping from them so that I could slip on it later and then fall. Eventually, the moment had arrived and I reached up to hang something and my feet went out from under my and I came crashing down on the balcony. No one that I know saw it, but I can only hope that someone in another apartment caught a glimpse of it and is right now telling their friends about the gringa they saw take a digger this afternoon. 

When all the falling and washing was done J.P. and I walked through the rain to the grocery store. It was my idea to buy groceries and his to do it during a hurricane. We got a lot of strange looks in the grocery store when we came in soaking wet. Anyway, we got a bunch of groceries and took a cab home. Since then I have eaten much more than I needed to and am already thinking about my next move in that area. Anyway, I love you all. Hope you were ready for these long-winded entries. Miss you guys! Check out my pictures when they are posted!

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