Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Zona Colonial

So today at school the first three hours were spent in a conference about differentiated instuction (Holla MSU TE classes) and I was looing forward to it because I think that it is really interesting and something that I am always working to do better in my class. Differentiated Instruction is where you vary the curriculum for each student so that they can learn better However, I think Melissa summed up the conference best when she said, “I was having storytime in my head”. There were some really good ideas but it was very long.

Anyway, after that I worked for awhile, got more delicious fruit from Sergio. Sergio is a skilled fruit cutter, and he can cut fruit six ways from Sunday and he barely has to look at it. I watch closely to see if I can do it myself, but I think if it were  on tv there would be a “Do Not Try This At Home” disclaimer flashing along the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately, Sergio is not always there. Sometimes his inept assistant is the one doing the cutting. Let me tell you, this is a lot less impressive and often involves standing really far back. So today I didn’t stand back far enough. He was chopping up bananas clumsily at breakneck speed and a large gob of banana mush flew from his knife and landed between my toes. Amongst other failings, Sergio’s assistant also does not speak Spanish very well, and so did not understand my request for something to wipe it up with. Consequently, I had to walk all the way back to school and to the second floor bathroom with banana squishing between the toes of my right foot. 

 After that incident I got a coffee with Bridget, and came back to the apartment. There we dissected the lecture we were given today, and decided to go to a jazz concert in the Zona Colonial. For those of you who don’t feel like breaking down that brain teaser the Zona Colonial is the colonial zone of the city. We all got dressed up nicely and went down there (everyone dresses up for everything here) and had a cocktail and some food and listened to some Jazz. This was the first time I had been to the Zona Colonial, and I will be going there way more often. It is the only part of the city I have seen so far that has a neighborhood kind of feel. It is very quaint. I really want to go back during the day and check it out. It was a really good day with my roommates, and I was glad to get out of the apartment. I am liking them more and more all the time. They all say the most hilarious things. After the jazz place we tried to hail a cab unsuccessfully, and some guy told us he would get one for us if he could just set the avocados he was holding at our feet and we would watch them for him. We agreed, and he set them down and ran off. He came back a few minutes later bringing with him a cab willing to charge us double the normal price and scanning our feet for his fruit (vegetables?). We politely declined and called a cab. On the way home we ran over a manhole missing it’s cover and experienced quite a loud noise and large bump and the driver did not react at all. Overall, great day. 

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