Thursday, August 27, 2009

Second Day

Today was day two at school. I am trying to lay down the law but I think that I will have to keep fighting the good fight for a few weeks until they get the idea. Today I made a class walk back into the hallway, greet me, and come back in quietly 3 times before they came in the way I wanted them to. It's all a process though and I am working on it. After school I came back, ate, and thought about going in the pool, which I think I will do immediately after I finish this blog. I forgot how crazy school is and how exhausting it is for the first few weeks. I come home wiped out, but hopefully that is only temporary. I also forgot how at the end of the day you can barely remember anything that happened because everything goes by so fast. I only have about 45 minutes with the kids each period, which seems like enough time to greet them, get them to do their warm-ups, and then say goodbye to them. Hopefully once they get into a routine it will be better. Anyway, how are you all? Please send emails and tell me what you are all up to. If any of the teachers read this, what are you guys doing this year? Miss everyone!

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  1. Hey! At least you have a backbone in class, which is going to prevent your students from walking all over you. Setting up your classroom in that way is TOTALLY going to be beneficial to you this school year - way to recognize that!

    My PD starts on Tuesday (which is the first time we can get into our classrooms because of construction). Parent night is on Wednesday - OMG, parent night!?! I need to create a brochure/flyer for them - to pass our explaining the year, my expectations, etc. Excited but nervous!

    Glad to hear everything is going well!