Monday, August 17, 2009

Right Now

Today I went to school, set up my classroom some more, skipped lunch because I was being productive, came home just in time for the tropical storm which looked pretty much like every day here (it storms every afternoon, it's the rainy season), went shopping with J.P. for food for him and odds and ends to make my room feel homier for me, came back to the apartment and looked for classes online, and worked out in our living room again with Melissa (this time J.P. coached us). 

The good, the bad, and the ugly:

The Good
-Someone I knew from school yelled at me from their car as I was walking down the street which made me feel like I actually know people in this city, which was nice

-My room smells not like an assortment of scented candles, also nice

-J.P. and I each got a polo shirt for $5, and for $9 I got a great dress. I suspect the store where I bought it was kind of walmarty, but since I don't have the association I would in the U.S. I'll pretend I didn't notice

- I think we found a Merengue class to take, and I might take some other class on my own. There are cooking, art, language, and dance classes that I'm interested. I think classes will help me branch out and meet people and do something where I am not completely surrounded by people from school (who I like very much). 

The Bad:
- In glancing over this post I realized I had used the wrong "to". Yuck. Don't worry I changed it.

The Ugly:
-My new polo shirt but not my new dress.

-Me doing balancing exercises with Melissa in our living room. 

On another note, I guess Annie tried to call me and it didn't work and she ended up talking to some random man several times. I hope this hasn't happened to anyone else. Don't be deterred from calling, let's just meet on Skype instead of talking on my phone. I also, for some reason, can't receive international texts, so if you are thinking how rude I am for not responding, I am not getting them. Love you all. Thanks for the emails, let's take the next step and skype. 

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