Saturday, August 22, 2009

I want to take you to a cave bar

Yesterday I was incredibly productive at school and when I came home Melissa and I decided to try out the pool attached to our apartment complex for the first time. It was the most glorious after-school activity ever. Here in Santo Domingo you sweat while you brush your teeth, while you're just sitting, when you get up to get a drink, while you blog, so after school while I was sitting in the kitchen eating a snack and sweating we decided to go dunk ourselves in the pool. It was the best thing ever. Instead of sitting in our apartment sweating we just chatted in the water. I am going back down there as soon as I finish this blog. After that we came back upstairs, took showers, and after awhile we went to the Zona Colonial to have dinner with 10 of our closest gringo friends (by closest I mean only). Melissa started to feel sick right before we left so she didn't come along, but J.P. and I went. We had some 2-4-1 drinks (that's what the sign said) and dinner, and then when it got late enough so that we felt as though we wouldn't be the Americans who always arrive too early, we went to this place called Guacara Taina, which is a bar that is in an underground cave. We got there too early despite our efforts (I suspect it is impossible for Americans to arrive late enough. I am always 45 minutes too early) I had heard that it was pretty touristy, but actually I think that we were the only tourists there and everyone else was Dominican (They all showed up around 12). It was AWESOME. Dance party in a cave. Could not have been better. I want to go back there every day. It was like as dancey as the bars I used to go to in Ecuador, but it was in a cave! Like there were stalactites hanging from the ceiling! We danced for a long time until the two boys, J.P. and Doug started to overheat, but by that time it was almost 2, so we decided to call it a night and came home. It was the most fun night that I have had since I got there. I knew there was a Bungaloo 6 somewhere around here, and I have found at least one place now to go. 

By the way, I can see that a good number of people viewed my blog the last few days, but only a couple commented on my post. I'm all for voyeurism but I need some suggestions people! You may still turn in your assignment for a deduction of 20%.

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