Thursday, August 20, 2009

Read this and pretend you're in my class

Okay, so today I went to school where I did a little bit of work, had a meeting about Love and Logic (a really popular teaching philosophy), did a little more work, came home, ate, went shopping to the walmarty store with Melissa and Alex, and read (Paulo Coehlo, Eleven Minutes, read it it’s good). It was a pretty uneventful day in which I did not do all the things I wanted to do, but overall it was pretty chill and good. I was hoping that JP and I would start those dance classes this week, but it looks like it will be next week because I haven’t mustered up the willpower to drag myself through the heat to sign up. By chance today he ran into some people at the pool who turned out to be the Junior Triathlon Team from Santo Domingo, so he is going to train with them, which is awesome, and ridiculously coincidental. I have been having a great time here so far, but honestly, I feel a little as though my life and routine is all contained in a very small pocket of places and people, and I need to branch out from that. I am going to try to use this weekend to do so. Here are my goals:


-Find a way to speak way more Spanish.

- Make some friends outside of my school and neighborhood

-Get out and about more.


And you, readers, are going to help me achieve my goals! In teaching, this is what we call an interactive activity. Actually it could be an information gap activity because you have ideas and you need to tell me them so that I can learn from your wise ways (get it? Like you’re filling in the gaps of my information?). Anyway, comment on my blog and let me know what your ideas are. Here is the assignment:


If you were a 23 year old girl living in Santo Domingo, what would you do to feel like you were not cooped up and you were using and improving your Spanish skills? How would you go about making friends in a new city?


Please double space responses. Readers will receive extra points for useful or amusing suggestions. Readers will also receive extra points for remembering that my family reads this blog (that means keep it appropriate). Standard English must be used in anything turned in in this class. This assignment is due by 8p.m. Eastern Standard Time Friday August 21st. (Too far with the teacher thing?)


Thanks for your help guys, the more ideas the better. 


  1. Cait!

    That's so exciting your in Santo Domingo! A friend from PC here, is extending there for another year. I'll defintely have to shoot you his email... but anyway.

    For meeting people and practicing spanish:

    1. Bake. Cookies and cakes are good, give them to neighbors (who knows maybe start up a little cooking class.)

    2. Chat with tienda ladies, they always look for people to gossip with.

    3. Join some ladies sports team. I feel like basketball might be good.

    This might be a good place to start. I would imagine its pretty hard in a big city, but the more I think of stuff I'll let you know.

    chau~ sam

  2. Caitlin -
    I love reading your blog. You're a talented blogger! However, I will not be able to complete my assignment because I am busy packing my office for a big move next week. You would not believe how much stuff you can accumulate over 20 years that you thought you had to have and then can't figure out why you saved it. Good luck on your first day of school. I'm sure all of the 6th grade boys will be in love with you before long. Say hi to JP for me!

    Love, Aunt Jane

  3. Thanks Aunt Jane. Good luck with your move! Where are you going?

    And thanks for the advice Sam, so far most of the people working in the stores are relatively creepy old men, but I will keep my eyes peeled for some nice Dominican ladies to chat with. I also might bake some things for the neighbors, that is a good suggestion also. I don't joining a sports team may actually lose friends for me though, given my anti-athleticism.

  4. Go to the market. Talk to the people selling veggies and shit.

  5. Also post more photos. That has nothing to do with spanish.