Sunday, August 23, 2009

Early Riser

Yesterday was a really good day. Melissa, JP and I went to this swimming pool where JP swims. It is about a half an hour walk from the house and it was 88 degrees, and with the humidity it "felt like" 99 degrees. When we got there we didn't even need to swim because we were already soaked in sweat (what a lovely image).  So we walked up to the gates and following JPs lead climbed over the fence and pretended not to understand the protests of the guards (they said, "You can't do that! You can't go down that way. Don't go down that way next time... as we got further and further away from them). We started swimming but pretty soon Melissa and I got kicked out because she was wearing a two piece bathing suit and neither of us were wearing swim caps. Apparently at some places in Latin America there actually are real rules that must be followed. We left JP there to finish his swim and walked back, stopping at a grocery store to feel the air conditioning for awhile, and again at a Lebanese restaurant I like and eating some delicious food. When we got home I read my book for awhile, and fell asleep on the couch, accidentally, for over two hours. When I woke up I got in the shower and got dressed up (because you pretty much don't leave the house here unless you are wearing a dress) and JP and I went down to Zona Colonial to get dinner and walk around. We ate at this place called Papa's or something, which was really cheap and delicious, probably the best meal I've had since I got here, but my stomach has hurt a little ever since, so in order to keep eating there I am going to pretend that it's because of something else. Anyway, after that we walked around for awhile, the Zona Colonial is really beautiful even at night, and when my stomach got too bad we came home and went to bed. Anyway, now we are going back to go to mass (what a fake good catholic) at the oldest cathedral in the "New World". It's the first time in my life I have been excited about going to church. 


  1. Caitlin - Are you eating out all the time because you don't like to cook?! Haha, it seems like half your life is taken up by your food escapades... is it cheaper than making your own? Hope all is well!

  2. It is not cheaper but it is something to do. I cook a lot too but when you go out in the city its hard to make it all the way back for a meal. How is your teaching stuff going?